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We would love to become a part of your medical team. Our abilities combined with the excellence of our staff will serve as the practice you need to transform the life of your child and your family as a whole. If you ar interested please make an appointment with us at the link below or by calling: 404-480-4888

Preparation for your appointment

Our office space is very intimate and comforting with free parking on-site; a perfect setting for a child nervous about visiting the doctor's office. Our patients are seen in the same location by both surgeons, allowing for individualized care with simultaneous input from both surgeons. Our staff shares the same care and compassion toward each patient with the highest level of support and attention. They will act as a liaison and advocate for insurance companies, scheduling appointments, and for coordinating care with hospitals and other surgeons.


Our new patient visits typically span 30 - 45 minutes to allow for adequate and thorough discussion between our physicians and your family. Please make an appointment today!

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