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Otoplasty Reconstruction
"Ear Pinning"


















Prominent or protruding ears can attract unwanted attention.  This can greatly affect a person or a child’s self-image and confidence (especially as they enter the school age). 


Ear surgery can correct the problem by rasping and reshaping the cartilage into a more natural and balanced shape along with the rest of the facial features and dimensions.  This procedure can be performed in children and adults.

Microtia Reconstruction
Grade 1 - 4























In some cases children are born with partial or complete ear deformities in which they are born missing critical portions of the ear structure or were born without an external ear. This deformity is called Microtia and can be corrected typically with a 3-Stage surgical procedure where cartilage is grafted from a child's ribcage to form the ear.


This procedure can have a life-changing effect on a child's quality of life and is typically covered by insurance.

Grade 1


Smaller than usual, with mostly normal anatomy.  

Grade 4


A complete absence of the external ear and the ear canal, also called "anotia".

Grade 3


A small remnant of the ear's skin and cartilage is visible and arranged in a "peanut-shape"

There is no ear canal, which is called aural atresia. 

Grade 2


Usually the lower half of the ear looks normal. Upper half has constricted shape and the canal may be normal, small, or completely closed.


The EarWell System

Otoplasty Reconstruction

Earlobe Repair

Microtia Reconstruction

Skin Tag Removals

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